Access the CME Vault and find the Educational Activity
  • Fill you email address and name on the CME Vault login page and click Continue.
  • On the next page, confirm that your information is correct. If not, you can change your information by clicking on Change My Information. If you information is correct, click on Register and Login.
    Please Note: if you have used the CME Vault before, after step 1 you will be asked to simply log in.
  • To access the new activity, click on Videos/Surveys/Tests on the menu for that activity.
    Please Note: if you have used the CME Vault before, you will see all of your previous activities as well.

Access the Video (if applicable)
  • Click on the video/resource link go to the video/resource page.
  • View the video or other resource.
  • When you have completed viewing the video/resource, click on Return

Take the Post Test (if applicable)
  • Under the activity that you are working on , click on the Post Test
  • Answer each of the questions.
    Please Note: you may repeat the test as many times as necessary to pass.
  • When you have finished the test, you may view your answers for correctness.
  • When you are finished with the post test, click on Exit to Exam List to return to the previous page.

Complete the Survey
  1. Click on the line for the evaluation survey and complete the survey following the directions on each page.
    Please Note: you may take the survey over if you do not pass.
  2. To submit the survey, click the Submit Survey button. You will see your exam results.
  3. Click on the Exit to Exam List to return to the activity page.

Obtain your CME Certificate
  1. Click on the conference title to the left of Certificate Pending to open the Survey.
  2. Complete your Survey and click on Save.
  3. To the right of the conference title select Assign Credit Hours
  4. A window opens stating the maximum number of credit hours for this conference
    • If you attended entire conference, select maximum number of hours from dropdown
    • If you attended less than the entire conference, select the actual number of hours you attended from dropdown
  5. Select: Save Credit Hours
  6. Select: View/Print
  7. Depending upon your device: either the CME Certificate PDF will download, or a window opens to download your CME Certificate then select Save File.